DIY Decal Application Guide

Before application, your decal will consist of three layers as illustrated here


The top layer is the transfer masking layer. It looks somewhat like regular masking tape or clear tape and is used to transfer and protect your decal as you apply.

The middle layer is the actual vinyl decal. This will lift up with your transfer tape when you begin.

The bottom layer is the wax paper backing.


Step 1: Position

Measure where you want your decal to go. Then tape in place on 1 side only using regular masking tape. Place your tape on the top, bottom or either side to temporarily hold in place.
Step 1 Position

Step 2: Remove Wax Paper

Once you are happy with the position, run a strip of masking tape along the edge to secure. Carefully peel the bottom WAX PAPER layer away.
Step 2 Remove Wax Paper

Step 3: Apply your Vinyl Decal

While still holding the MASKING layer away from the smooth surface. Use a squeegee or an old credit card to help in application. Start from the side with the tape and gently work away from the tape and squeegee your decal firmly onto the surface.
Step 3 Apply your Vinyl Decal

Step 4: Remove Mask Layer

Now you are ready to pull off your MASKING layer. If you see any vinyl sticking to the MASKING layer then lay it back down, squeegee, and try again. A hair dryer can be used to heat the vinyl slightly and rubbed down to secure even further.
Step 4 Remove Mask Layer

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