Download FREE Printable signs for your Business!

Download over 100 FREE Printable signs for your Business!

The below catalogues consist of many commonly used signs saving you both time and money. Signtrade is one of the few sign companies in South Africa to offer this unique service to businesses as a "Safety First!" initiative.

These signs are completely free to download, print and display wherever you want as a temporary means of safety precaution, way-finding and general public information for your staff and visitors. If you intend making use of these signs, laminating the prints will help increase the overall life-span of your sign.

All symbolics comply with safety design standards.
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Safe Condition Signs

emergency eye wash emergency hand wash emergency shower emergency stop
emergency telephone exit left exit right fire assembly point
fire break glass for key fire exit first aid main electrical switch
manned first aid station push bar to open refuge chamber waiting area

Fire-Fighting Signs

emergency fire hose emergency telephone fire alarm fire alarm call point
fire break glass for key fire extinguisher fire hose left fire hose right
fire hydrant sprinkler stop valve fire pump connection location of fire blanket

Mandatory Action Signs

keep area clean position guards before starting wear protective clothing switch off when not in use
use safety cage use screening wash hands wear ear protection
wear face shield wear hard hat wear high visibility clothing wear respiratory protection
wear safety boots wear safety gloves wear safety goggles wear safety harness
wear safety mask wear welding mask    

Hazard Identification Signs

beware confined space beware dangerous drop caution caution corrosion hazard
caution beware of forklifts caution incomplete scaffolding caution low objects caution slippery surface
caution suspended load caution danger biological hazard danger
danger death hazard danger fire hazard warning asbestos hazard
warning carbon dioxide warning harmful chemicals warning high level of noise warning laser hazard
warning moving machinery warning radiation hazard warning swinging objects warning workers overhead

CCTV Surveillance Signs

Print your own CCTV signs  Print your own CCTV signs     

Prohibition Signs

Restricted Area - Keep Out No entry No Food, Drinks, Cellphones no parking
No Cellphones Open flames prohibited No Smoking on these Premises Smoke free area

Retail Signs

Free WiFi Big Sale Mega Sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free
75% off Sale 50% off Sale 40% off Sale 30% off Sale
25% off Sale 20% off Sale 15% off Sale 10% off Sale
Clearance Sale Massive Half Price Sale We're Open We're Closed
Sale Now On For Sale We're Open We're Closed
Clearance Sale Clearance Sale Clearance Sale Clearance Sale

Corporate Signs

Out to Lunch Out to Lunch Out of Order No Smoking
Private - Staff Only Private Property - No Trespassing No Entry - Staff Only Private - No Parking
Caution - Wet Floor Caution - Cleaning in Progress Meeting in Progress Please Wash Hands
Restroom Restroom Restroom - Gents Restroom - Ladies

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